Meet us

Agnes Madaras, Specialist in General Medicine

A warm welcome to my doctor´s practice on Wagnersvej!

I see it as my duty to support you in taking responsibility for your needs to meet your health challenges in the best possible way.

I am doctor with my whole heart, giving preference to a participatory approach in my work, I enjoy intercultural exchange and I have a special interest in health promotion, disease prevention and complementary medicine. I am working with a holistic approach tailored to the individuals needs.

I became a doctor in 1984 and specialised in general medicine in 1993 in Vienna/Austria and in 2003 in Denmark. I have a masters degree in International Public Health and Epidemiology from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in the U.K. and trained as a facilitator and teacher for Movement Medicine in England; recently I completed my training in systemic/family constellation in Germany. I worked many years as a doctor in deprived areas of the world in Africa and Asia, as well as in natural and man made disasters, with Red Cross, WHO, a.o.

My memberships: DSAM, PIP, Movement Medicine Association, Spiritually oriented doctors in Denmark (SOL).