Travel vaccination

Book an appointment on the “selvbetjeningsportal” for your vaccination.

You can pay your fees for vaccination in Cash or by MobilePay.

Fees for vaccination 200 kr in addition to the vaccines price.

Vaccines need to be ordered individually, come in good time before your journey.


 kr. 200,-

HPV. Gardasil:

 kr. 1.350,-

Pneumococcal vaccine

 kr. 350,-

Japanese encephalitis

 kr. 1.000,-


 kr. 350,-

Meningococcal vaccine

 kr. 600,-

Hepatitis A Havrix children and adults

 kr  450,-

Hepatitis A+B Twinrix adult

 kr. 550,-

Hepatitis A+B Twinrix child

 kr. 400,-

Hepatitis B Engerix children and adults

 kr. 350,-

Hemofilus influenza

kr. 400,-


kr. 150,-


kr. 200,-

*all prices per vaccine, some vaccines must be given 2-3 times to reach full effectiveness.