Yellow cardholders with insurance type 1

The public insurance covers costs for consultations at specialist doctors’ offices who have a contract with the public insurance and provided that a general practitioner issued a referral. You can obtain a referral by meeting up at our clinic in person where we discuss your issue and prepare the referral based on medical needs. 

Yellow card holders with insurance type 2

No referral is needed, though you are paying a part of the fees yourself.

One exception is x-ray investigations where both yellow card holders with insurance group 1 and insurance group 2 must have a referral in order to estimate the risk for radiation.

Lists of specialists


Child specialist – pediatrician

Ear/nose/ throat specialist – oto/rhino/laryngologist

Eye doctor – ophthalmologist


Heart specialist – cardiologist

Skin doctor – dermatologist

Surgeon – specialist in surgery



Orthopedic surgeon


Plastic surgeon


X-ray specialist

The above list is indicative and not complete, you have a free choice among  doctors who have a contract with the public insurance. You can also find information on doctors contact details on www.sundhed.dk