Gruppe 1

Your yellow card is your payment card if you are insured under group 1. Do remember to bring your card with you!

Gruppe 2 patient

Paid in cash or MobilePay on the day of your consultation.

Telefon consultation: kr. 100,-
Fees for consultation group2 30 min.: kr. 600,-
Consultation tourist from EU: kr. 600,-


Paid in cash or MobilePay in addition to your consultation fees.


Mulighedserklæring for sick leave: kr. 750,-
Lægeattest/Frihåndsattest for sick leave: kr. 700,-
Sick leave certificate for students: kr. 300,-

Travel insurance cancelation certificate

kr. 530,-
Alm. attester:
Certificate for driving license* kr. 700,- incl.VAT

Printing of paper copies of your journal 10 kr per page, max. 200 kr.

* bring a photo with you and your glasses or contact lenses.

Private consultation

Paid in cash or MobilePay on the day of your consultation

Blood tests for private laboratories kr.   200,-
Vaccination fee for travel vaccines kr.   200,-
Consultation for travelers incl. advice for travel vaccinations kr.   300,-
Consultation fees do not include fees for your vaccines/medication.